About Us - Champion Superior Capital Pvt. Ltd

Champion Superior Capital Pvt. Ltd is a venture capital company focused on investing in technology rich, high growth, global companies and entrepreneurs in India. Proficient in venture capital funding, we are an early to mid stage company supporting companies in verticals such as technology, marketing and media.

Our team is highly driven, experienced and connected with an extensive network of powerful associations to dynamically support ‘budding’ companies. Unlike other VCs we believe in cultivating successful organizations by providing end-to-end support of marketing, recruitment, negotiations and business intelligence. We believe that capital is not everything that is necessary to become successful. Therefore we go beyond funding to provide in-depth insights from our experienced Champion’s team.

Our committed experts are an asset to help bootstrap companies achieve their business objectives through utilization of effective channels as well as through knowledgeable guidance. Serving as a productive ‘sounding board’ and a ‘networking springboard’ we endeavor to nurture potential companies.