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What We Look For

At Champion Superior Capital We Do Not Just Invest Capital,
We Invest Our Experience!

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."
- Mark Twain

“What most venture capitalists lack is not intelligence, but experience
- Thought leaders

While we invest our experience we also maintain a ‘budding outlook’ and believe that an ideal company to partner with should have:

  • A core team with relevant experience.
  • Well defined objectives and value propositions.
  • Exceptional solutions and a dynamic plan to maintain competitively different.
  • An effective and efficient capital and financial plan.
  • An identifiable target market and relevant strategy to target them.

With reference to the company type:

  • Product companies should have an operational prototype and pilot implementations.
  • Service companies should have established abilities to execute through paid engagements with at least a few customers.
  • At seed stage levels, we are open to working with pre-revenue companies.
  • In selective cases, we consider companies that have advanced beyond product development and are in search for funding to expand business.