Champion Superior Capital is currently focused on providing services to two main segments Entrepreneurs and Executives. Our funding focus is on early to mid-stage companies, the primary determinants of success being capabilities and experience of the management and the direct target market. We enable executives gain a competitive edge by providing a platform to connect with technology partners and industry leaders.

For Entrepreneurs

As we focus on funding early to mid stage entrepreneurs and companies, our primary determinants of success is based on the capabilities and experience of the management team as well as an addressable target market. We consider an ideal team to be one that is cohesive, mutually productive, flexible, confident, committed and realistic towards the overall company objective.

Our Investment Approach is easy:

  1. We commence with an initial meeting to understand each other's objectives, strategies and goals.
  2. We then assess the opportunity objectively to identify mutual benefit and business profit.
  3. Post assessment entrepreneurs who meet the criteria and invited to connect with our partners and investors in our network.
  4. The 'duediligence process' is then initiated.
  5. From the first meeting until the final financial decision is made, the time frame is estimated to be anywhere four weeks to four months based on our past experience.

For Executives

For Corporate Executives, Champion Superior Capital provides a dynamic network of global partners from which companies can be selected based on the right match of products and services. Executives will gain first-hand interaction and insights from CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and founders about emerging and innovative technology solutions.

Here's an insight into how we connect you with global businesses:

  1. Taking into consideration your requirements, CSC will propose 10 to 50 ventures after carefully analyzing over hundred of portfolios we invest in.
  2. You (or your organization) will be able to select the top 10 to 20 companies.
  3. We will then arrange for a visit from them to your organization in order to gain insights into the products and solutions they have to offer.

This collaborative platform includes thought-leading panel discussions, one-on-one interactions, technology 'matchmaking sessions' and a wide range of networking activities. Our objective is to facilitate you with opportunity to engage with leading global companies with a broader mission of building business partnerships.