Sample Business Plan

What a Skeletal Business Format Will Look Like:

  1. The Business
  2. The Entrepreneurs
  3. Business Impact
  4. Financial Plan
  5. Additional Information

What an Ideal Business Format Will Contain:

  1. Written Section elaborates the following:-

    a. Business – objectives, mission, vision, goals. (Maximum 15 pages)
    b. Details about Senior Management and Team. (Maximum 3 pages)
    c. Business Impact / Quantified Sustainability (Maximum 5 pages)

    The written section does not usually exceed 20 pages

  2. Financial Plan – includes a detailed financial plan with relevant data including assumptions. (Maximum 10 pages)
  3. Additional Information – about your business, market and industry is good to include in order to showcase your understanding of the business environment. (Maximum 10 pages)

While this is a guideline based on which you can create a comprehensive business plan, for an actual detailed business plan